Shag Area Rugs – Getting The Fun and Funk To Your Floors

Tired or your plain looking floor? Add something fun and funky like shag area rugs! Shag area rugs are not just an item of the past, these are turning heads all over the place because of how soft and stylish they are. If you want to add a little bit of style to your home, office, bathroom or even kitchen, then a shag area rug will surely make that happen.

The Fun and Funk In Shag Area Rugs

One of the best parts about a shag area rug is that they come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. If you are not sure about these, then you can easily find cheap shag area rugs both online and in local stores. Looking for a shag area rug online is very simple and convenient where you can find exactly one that you want, this is the problem that most people face when they look around at local stores. The biggest problem with local stores is that they don’t have near the volume of shag area rugs as an online retailer will. Just know that online retailers will have thousands of different shag rugs that you can choose from so that should be the first place you look for them.


Something else that you should be aware of is how to clean shag area rugs the right way. There are tons of people out there that never bother to clean a rug but this is often times where the most dirt will get store. Shag rugs are worse than most carpets when it comes to holding onto dirt so make sure you clean them as good as you can at least once a week.

Tips On Cleaning Shag Area Rugs

Shake Them Off – The first thing you need to do when cleaning a shag rug is to shake it off. The reason you do this is to get any loose dirt off the rug. You do this so that the dirt doesn’t get stuck in the area rug when you load it in the washing machine. This works really well with large shag area rugs because they sometimes can’t fit in smaller washer machines.


Use Cold Water – Another thing you should do is use cold water as opposed to warm water. You do this so that you fibers in the rug don’t shrink and therefore causing your shag rug to look just like a regular rug. This may sound odd but it does happen and most people hate themselves for what they just did.

Don’t Use Bleach – Even if you have white shag area rugs, never use bleach. The reason for this is so that the fibers won’t become weak due to the chemicals in the bleach. You may think that this will never happen but it happens more times than you would ever imagine.



Cleaning a shag area rug is often time a pain for many people because they can’t just vacuum them off but just know that you should treat them like clothes. If you want your shag rug to last a long time, then it is imperative that you clean it as much as possible and simply maintain it the best you can. Aside from shag area rugs, outdoor rugs and breaded rugs are also hard to clean. Through tips provided online, cleaning rugs is a no sweat chore.