How To Wash A Shag Rug

Shag rugs need regular maintenance, so if you have one, you must know how to wash a shag rug. Periodic maintenance of the shag rug using a vacuum cleaner is absolutely necessary. This prevents the dust from settling on the rug making it more difficult to clean properly. If this is your first shag rug wash, make sure to follow up with a periodic cleaning course. It is a good idea to vacuum the rug at least twice a week, thrice a week would be even better. Once you begin devoting a bit of your time every week to clean the shag area rugs, they are sure to stay in good shape for a long time.

Tips for Washing Shag Rugs

Which is the best way to handle these rugs during a wash? How do you provide them gentle care? Take a look at the following tips on how to wash a shag rug:

  • Area rugs are made for a comfortable walking experience, which means they tend to collect dust from people’s footwear. You should be extra attentive so that dust particles do not settle on the shag rug, leading to health problems due to dust accumulation. It is best for both your health and that of the shag rug’s maintenance to give the rugs a strong shake-up so that the everyday, dust does not get any chance to settle. Apart from this, you should consider vacuuming the shag rugs at least twice a week. This regular care is to ensure that dust particles and dirt do not make their home on your beautiful and comfortable shag rugs.
  • An important tip on how to wash a shag rug is to avoid using warm water for washing. Warm water may cause the fibers in the shag rug to shrink, which means you run the risk of the rug losing its beautiful texture. For the same reason, using bleach is a strict no-no in washing shag rugs.
  • The guidelines on how to wash a shag rug depend on its size. Rugs can be of different sizes, from those that fit snugly into your washing machine to those that are too large for a home wash, thereby needing to be sent to a carpet cleaning service. If you prefer to wash the rug yourself and it fits in your washing machine, you can do that. Before loading shag rugs for washing, give them a firm shake to dislodge the dust particles. This will throw off the dust and make the work of the washing machine easier. On the other hand, if the rug that you have bought is too large to accommodate in the washing machine do not risk a home wash. The safest way to deal with it is to send it to a carpet cleaning service for professional care.

Following these handy guidelines on how to wash a shag rug can help you maintain it more effectively.